LA ACM Chapter Free DATA-LINKs

As a means to allow potential members to evaluate membership in the Los Angeles Chapter, the chapter provides a free three month subscription to DATA-LINK, the chapter's newsletter.
If you would prefer to spend $20 right now and join the chapter, click here.
Otherwise, please send an e-mail request, subject Free DATA-LINK, and include mailing address and phone number, to:

Suggested form for free Data-Link request (hint: copy, paste into e-mail, fill in & send) [Yeah, it's the poor man's way of doing it, but it's faster than writing PERL script. You're gonna get something free; don't complain about the extra effort.]

Dear LA Chapter ACM Records Controller, Please send me Data-Link free for 3 months!

Your Name: _______________________

Check if you wish your mail to be sent to your work address: ___

Home Address: Street Address/ PO Box:__________________________

City and ZIP code:____________________________


Work Address: Company Name:__________________________________

Street Address/ PO Box:______________________________

City, State and ZIP code:_______________________________


electronic mail address:___________________________________

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