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(Year 1999-2000)

Date  Speaker Topic
July 11, 1999* Ed Manderfield,
Master of Ceremonies
Repent! The End is Near! (Y2K)
September 8, 1999* Peter Coffee
PC Week 
Peter Coffee's Annual Update
October 6, 1999* Patrick Johnson,
Cable and Wireless
Distributed Web Hosting
November 3, 1999* Multiple Speakers,
recapping ICANN conference.
ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers 
December 1, 1999* Prof. Mark Burgin,
Visiting Scholar, UCLA 
A New Paradigm for Computation and its Applications to Global Networks, Huge Databases, and Embedded Systems 
January 5, 2000* Roger Mills
Master of Ceremonies
Y2K Survival Party !
February 2, 2000* Retired Prof. S. Ron Oliver,
Cal Poly
Software Sucks! A Frank Perspective on Current Software Quality 
March 1, 2000* Jeffrey S. Wike,
Technology for Animation
April 5, 2000* Dr. Robert L. Miller,
JPL Year 2000 Project: Management by Processes and Metrics
May 3, 2000* Dr. Penny Semrau, PhD,
CSU, Los Angeles
Getting Started with Streaming Media
June 7, 2000* Roger Mills
Master of Ceremonies
Convocation Honoring David Oppenheim, plus Awards to Outstanding Members 

*  includes meeting summary

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