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(Year 1998-1999)

Date  Speaker Topic
September 9, 1998 Tom Herring
Computer Systems Development
A New Method For Handling An Old Problem:  Accessing Data and System Functions on the WEB
October 8, 1998 Peter Coffee
PC Week
PC on PCs: Peter Coffee's Annual Update
November 4, 1998 Alexander Egyed
Experiences with the WinWin Groupware System
December 2, 1998* Barry Meltzer and
Christopher Hartsough

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Managing Wetware (People) Based Processing: Techniques, Tools, and Technologies

January 6, 1999 Van Bridgeman
CSU, Dominguez Hills
Convergence and Interactivity in Educational Technology
February 3, 1999* Jeff Bier
Berkeley Design Technology, Inc.
Processors for DSP:  The Options Multiply
March 3, 1999* Prof. Barry Boehm
Requirements Engineering, Expectations Management, and The Two Cultures
April 7, 1999* Ray Toal
Loyola Marymount University
Using the Java Collections Framework
May 5, 1999* Arnold Goodman
Assoc. Director, UCI Center 
for Statistical Consulting
Checklists for Successful Projects and Quality Products:  An Insurance Policy for Information Technology and Insight into the Anatomy of Success
June 2, 1999* Prof. Nazmul Ula
Loyola Marymount University
LINUX: The Last Operating System You Will Ever Need To Buy (FREE!)

*  includes meeting summary

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