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Date  Speaker Topic
September 8, 2004* Peter Coffee,
The State of Computing
October 6, 2004* Ray Toal,
 Loyola Marymount University
Web Styling
November 3, 2004* Steve Williams,
 Python Evangelist
What is Python?
December 1, 2004* John Bagwell,
Experiences with the PHP language and RSS Feeds
January 5, 2005* Steve Rowell,
 Inferential Solutions
XML: The Common Denominator
February 2, 2005* Dennis Morin,
The Interrupt Driven PC Platform
March 1, 2005* Colleen van Lent,
  Assistant Professor, CSULB
Using Robotics as a Learning Tool
April 6, 2005* Andy Kopra,
 Senior Software Engineer at Mental Images, Inc.
Image Rendering Today
May 4, 2005* Gregory J Pottie,
 UCLA Electrical Engineering Department
Ubiquitous Networked Sensing and Society
June 1, 2005* Paul Schmidt,
 Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired

and Bert Borja,
 Foundation for the Junior Blind
Accessible Computing for the Blind
*  includes meeting summary

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