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(Year 2000-2001)

Date  Speaker Topic
September 6, 2000* Peter Coffee,
An Infamous Year for IT
October  4, 2000* Daniel Faigin,
 The Aerospace Corporation
The Common Criteria: A New Approach to Security Evaluation
November 8, 2000* Dr Adam Kolawa
  ParaSoft Corporation
Methods for Effective Java Unit Testing

December 6, 2000*

Steve Pavlina
 Dexterity Software
Practical Applications of AI to Computer Gaming

January 3, 2001*

Roger Mills,


February 7, 2001*

Lee Schmidt and
Paul Schmidt,


COMDEX 2000 and Consumer Electronics (CES) 2001
What the Future Holds.

March 7, 2001*

Roger Mills,
TRW, Retired 

Document or Die, 20 Years Later

April 4, 2001

Tom Donaldson, 
Voice Print International

Voice Print Technology

May 2, 2001*

John T. Bagwell Jr., 
Computer Sciences Corp.
C Sharp - a New Language?

June 6, 2001*

Daniella Meeker and
Shiyan Cao,


Cognitive Neural Prosthetics

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